I am currently working on a podcast project for the municipality of Delft.

Documentary: A Good Neighbour
The documentary film A Good Neighbour (co-direction: Evelien Vehof), about a innovative housing project in Leiden with refugees and Dutch tenants, premiered in 2020. A Good Neighbour portrays six different residents of this neighbourhood.

Read more about it here.

Documentary: Paper Paradise
The documentary Paper Paradise (2017, co-direction: Eva van Roekel) was selected for the Dutch Film Festival. Read more about it here.
The trailer:

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    • Floor de Bie says:

      Ik vind van wel! Je bent van harte uitgenodigd om de film te bekijken, maandagavond 6 januari om 20 uur hebben we een vertoning in PLNT, Langegracht 70, inclusief nagesprek.

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