A Good Neighbour
Original title: Een Goede Buur
2020. Direction: Floor de Bie and Evelien Vehof. 30 min.

What if you don’t speak the Dutch language yet, and you receive letters you don’t understand? You could ask for help at the municipality, but you could also ask your neighbours. In the documentary A Good Neighbour we see how statusholders (refugees with a residence permit) and social tenants live together at a newly built ‘shared living complex’ in the city of Leiden. To stimulate interaction, the complex has a big shared garden with a garden house where residents can meet each other and organise activities. The documentary A Good Neighbour portrays six different residents of this neighbourhood.

The film was screened at Omroep West in 2020.

We wrote an article about the neighbourhood for the Leidsch Dagblad. You can read it here.

Funded by: Leids Mediafonds

Paper Paradise
Original title: Het Papierparadijs
2017. Floor de Bie (direction, camera, editing) and Eva van Roekel (direction, sound, editing). 25 min.

Colombian Jenny and Dutch Dion try to build a new life together in the Netherlands, but Jenny does not have a Dutch passport. To evade the strict Dutch immigration law, the couple decide to take up residence fifty metres across the Belgian border. But what initially looks like the ideal solution to their problems gradually turns into a bureaucratic nightmare in this slightly ironic documentary. How does it feel to prove your love in the form of documents, photographs, plane tickets and vouchers? Read more.

Dutch Film Festival, Lumiere Cinema Maastricht, L1 (Television Limburg), Ammehoela Film Festival, EASA Conference Stockholm (Sweden), Docfest Filmfestival Maastricht, Short Film Festival (Delft).

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